Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Online Journey - The Launch of SkyVistaPhotography.Com

I'm excited to finally launch this website. It's been many months of work and effort to get this up and running and I hope you like what you see here. There may (probably will) be a few kinks here and there. If you find anything that doesn't work or doesn't look right, please contact me.  The launch of one's own personal photography website is quite a journey, and I've certainly been on one here!  
The ultimate goal of course is to reach potential buyers and customers with my artwork, and I've created other managed websites, fan pages and social media accounts (which you can access through links on my site).  But I've reached the point that to most effectively reach the audience I want to connect with, I needed my own website, with my own URL address, and voila, this is the result. 
I invite you to have a look around.  I have hundreds of images uploaded in various themed galleries. You can learn more about me, my background and history.  
All of images on here are for sale.  I also have included a link to my Fine Art America website, where I also market my artwork.  What's different about that site? Well, they offer a very wide array of options that my images can be bought, including canvas prints, endless frame and matte choices that you can preview right on their site, phone cases, metal prints, and even offbeat products like throw pillows and duvet covers.  I think that "FAA" makes a nice partner and for now I'm keeping them as another outlet for reaching customers and buyers. 
I plan to update the SkyVista Blog at least two times a month.  My next post will cover the steps to take if you are considering building your own photography website, there are many options - too many, in fact.  
Happy Shooting - Sky's the Limit!

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